Saldra El Sol

A Super Busy Weekend

on August 28, 2012

It’s been crazy at Bluffton this week so far!  We had a huge welcome weekend with waterslides, volleyball, and picnics, and finally, my roommate moved in!  She’s pretty nice, and we get along great.  Classes have been stressful, so chamomile tea has been my best friend during the evenings.  I also managed to get plenty of groceries from the local stores (mostly cliff bars and other yummy, portable things).  Pretty soon, I’ll be posting some great baking recipes and easy college dorm recipes, but for now, I’m too busy to even think about experimenting in the kitchen!

I’m loving Chemistry so far.  It’s very interesting, and today, we got to watch Monty Python in class (it had something to do with the scientific method).  My teachers are very kind and great at teaching (unlike other teachers I’ve had haha).   My classes are all crammed in the morning so I have lots of free time in the afternoon, and I’ve mostly been using it to escape the heat!!  Our dorm doesn’t have air conditioning, and we live on the third floor so all the heat rises and causes us to break out in a sweat in the mornings.  Regardless, though, the seasons will change, and it will become fall again.  I cannot wait until that happens!!

I’m sorry this is so brief; I have a lot to be doing and so little time!  This is my second homework assignment in math today, and I really want to finish it and get a good grade.

By this weekend, I’ll have a post up on a pumpkin recipe :).

My friend, Marvin, is doing well now.  He’s eating real food, and he can sit up and walk around a little.  He’s still fighting a blood infection, but he’s out of the ICU.  Please continue to pray for him.  Also, a friend of mine from Nicaragua is having twins!! She’s really nervous, so just pray for her because they’re due any day now!



2 responses to “A Super Busy Weekend

  1. paoang says:

    Hi Tricia! I am glad that you are getting into the swing of things and that both you and your roommate are getting along great. Trust me – I definitely feel you with the whole stress of classes. But I know you’ll do great!
    Have a great weekenddd.

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