Saldra El Sol

I promised…

on August 24, 2012

Hey 🙂  Today went really well.  I got to sleep in, went to a health food store that’s just walking distance from my dorm, and went to work 🙂 (it was my last training day).  As promised, I’ll do a post about eating healthy (and vegan!) in college.

1. Get to know your dining hall.

Lucky me, I’d already visited my school twice before and I now know my go-to meals in case the choices are less-than-appetizing.  I mostly stick with the salad bar because here at my school, it’s practically a complete meal!  They have hummus, veggies (of course), fruit, legumes (such as chickpeas, kidney beans, and black beans), and they have toast nearby.  Also, they have the standard sunflower seeds which taste amazing with the hummus.  If, however, your school’s salad bar is poorly equipped with only wilted iceberg lettuce, you always have the option of bringing some supplies with you.  For example, usually they have bread and veggies at the dining hall, as well as fruit, why not just bring some beans, a veggie burger or some nuts to make a huge salad.  Today, I topped some toast with some hummus and black beans from the salad bar and had a side of sweet potato from the main course.  They let me do that because they’re cool like that ;).

2. Explore town for some options.

I’m sure that somewhere in your town is a grocery store and at the grocery store, they have groceries.  I usually start at the cheapest place first and work my way up.  The cheapest place in my town is Family Dollar and the most expensive (though with the coolest stuff) is the Food Store.  First, buy the necessities such as almond milk, oats, and nut butter (or what you deem as necessary) and then buy the luxury stuff such as dark chocolate and larabars.

3. Snack often and you’ll be a happy camper.

If you starve yourselve before dinner, you’re not gonna be happy once it comes around.  You’re gonna be grouchy and if your school is lacking in selection, you’re just gonna be downright nasty (I’m assuming– now I could be wrong).  So, snack often with nuts, fruit, and yummy clif bars (or larabars) and you should be satisfied but still reasonably hungry in time for dinner.

4. If your dorm has a kitchen in it, utilize it.

I’ve decided to be as resourceful as possible in college.  If I want cookies, I’m gonna make cookies and nothing’s gonna stop me.  So, it’s certainly wise to use the kitchen to make the things you want because if you’re vegan, the cookies in the dining hall probably won’t make the cut.

5. Make suggestions to the college and, if possible, meet other vegetarians/vegans/healthy eaters 🙂

One person isn’t going to influence a huge college to add almondmilk to the menu, but a little posse just might.  So, try to meet other vegans/vegetarians/healthy people so that you don’t feel like that one health freak girl who keeps trying to get almond milk in the dining hall.  Don’t be afraid, though, to be different.  People respect that, and I’m sure the dining hall will respect you and they won’t bite your head off for suggesting almond milk (or whatever you requested in the dining hall).

And those are what I’ve observed so far– and no, I haven’t gotten anything changed in the dining hall, but since people know I’m vegan, they try to make it as easy on me as possible.  They make sure that I have plenty to eat, and they make suggestions for me whenever possible.  People will respect you if you respect them.  Just be nice, don’t complain, and be resourceful :).  Also, have fun!

See you later ;).  My roommates finally moving in tomorrow and I need to get up early so I can shower and be prepared.

Also, don’t forget about my classmate who got in that accident!  He’s still fighting that infection so keep praying!


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