Saldra El Sol

Finally! Books!

on August 22, 2012

Okay, so I haven’t gotten all of my books yet (dang chemistry book is so elusive), but I have gotten my Psychology book, Becoming a Scholar book, and my Calculus book.  I also ordered a vegan cook book from my library and it came in the mail today too!  It’s La Dulce Vegan!!  I can’t wait to try some of the muffin recipes and some of the breakfast recipes because once school starts, I don’t think I’m going to eat breakfast in the dining hall.  It’s not too great (just oatmeal and toast for me :/, but I do enjoy the multitude of various fruits).

I’m starting to enjoy my work more.  I like sitting at the desk and shelving books.  I’m meeting more people around campus, and that’s very helpful because I’m pretty shy in real life haha.  Still, everyone’s really nice– most people are when you meet them.  It’s just meeting them that’s tough for me lol.

I guess I should be writing about how vegans can survive in college, and I will… tomorrow :).  For now, I just want to document a little bit and get the hang of it myself!  I’m getting better, though, and I think once school starts I’ll be treading water here more easily than right now (if you catch my drift).

My neck feels about ten times better– I probably just slept on it wrong, and my classmate, who got in that bad accident, just got a blood infection, but I believe that he’ll get better!  He’s so strong– he’s twice my size, but he’s so nice, and I always had a locker right next to his in high school.   Our prayers though are doing something because he’s awake, and I haven’t heard anything about the swelling in his brain, but he’s just been fighting infection, so please keep him in your prayers.

Tomorrow, I’ll give out some tips for vegans and healthy eaters in college because who wants to eat greasy burgers and fries from the dining hall for the rest of the year?  Not me…

I’m loving the book, La Dulce Vegan, so far, and I’ll write a review about it once I’m done making some of the delicious (I’m assuming they’re delicious) recipes.  I just have to get some baking supplies soon, which is certainly very exciting… once I have some money, of course, but lucky me, I got most of my books for under three hundred dollars.  I just hope that I can rent the chemistry book!

Have a great Wednesday!  It’s almost the weekend!!


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