Saldra El Sol

First Full Day at College

on August 17, 2012

So, I pretty much am having a blast right now.  I got to know a few people on my floor (though the majority haven’t moved in yet) and I’m getting comfortable being independent.  It feels nice to go wherever I want whenever I want (within reason, of course), and I managed to go to a local health food store and stock up on some much needed supplies.  Of course, I got some coffee filters, but when I opened the dollar store coffee, it was a can!! (and I don’t have a can opener) So I just used a knife that I accidently packed lol.  I’m so glad that came in handy!

Tonight, I’m going back home because I have a family reunion in the morning, but this morning, I’m totally free because I only have to work from 1 til 5.  The library is an amazing place to work because it’s so quiet and so relaxed.  My boss is amazing (she’s all into health food, too, and she knows the best places to go to get all the awesome stuff like fair-trade coffee and other yummy stuff.  However, I wasn’t able to afford the fair-trade coffee so I have to stick with the yucky dollar store brand coffee which sucks).  I’m pretty excited for the family reunion, though.  All of my little cousins and my aunts and uncles will be there.  Most of my family is pretty spaced out (from Ohio to Florida to Colorado to California), so it’s important that we have a family reunion so we don’t forget about each other and we can stay in touch.

Recently, I’ve been reminded of how great God is because my classmate, who was involved in that terrible car accident, woke up yesterday!  And he tried to get out of bed, but he has to be sedated again due to brain swelling.  But he’s getting better!! And despite broken bones and a sinus infection in addition to the brain swelling, we’re all very positive that he’s going to get better.  My mom and my brother fasted for him yesterday, and my whole high school prayed last night for him.  We all love him and hope he gets better very soon!  Keep praying, and I know miracles are going to take place!

Romans 8:39 says, “neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Have a great day, and tomorrow I’ll post all about the wonderful benefits that kale can add to an otherwise dull life lol!


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