Saldra El Sol

Tiring Day

on August 15, 2012

So, I’m all moved in now, and so far, I really like college :).  I got to talking to some other girls who are working in the library and are on my floor, and I don’t feel totally alone like I thought.  I managed to get a few supplies in town– like some nuts, coconut oil, tea, and a pillow (I left my pillow at home :().  I forgot coffee filters, though, which totally sucks because I don’t want to go out again haha.  I also have everything put away and it looks pretty bare in my room, now, so I’ll probably have to get some posters or something to snaz the place up.

For dinner, I just ate some leftover Subway and some nuts– so, so healthy… (oh, I also had some 88 percent chocolate).  There’s a health food store just right outside campus, so I visited there, where I got my fair-trade chocolate, some coconut oil, and almond milk.  I guess I’ll just have some green tea with my almond milk in the morning instead  of coffee, which I don’t mind.

Tomorrow’s a big day.  I have to go to orientation and begin working for the library, and then the rest of the week I have to train for my job.  But still, I’ll be blogging, and once a week, I’ll share an interesting recipe.

Sorry for such a short post– I’m pretty tired, but tomorrow, I’ll post all about orientation and what I’ll be doing.

Finally, a classmate from high school got into a terrible accident last night, and he’s in critical care with brain swelling and broken bones.  Please pray for him– I know God will help him!

Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me
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