Saldra El Sol

Coconut Cream… Tea?

on August 9, 2012

Recently, I picked up a can of coconut milk, and I always want to try new ways of using it.  Earlier, I would put it in hot cocoa to make it extra thick, but hot cocoa just doesn’t sound good in this hot weather lol, but tea always seems like a good idea, and I really wanted to make some this afternoon before supper, but I also wanted something a little more substantial to hold me off.  So, I had the idea of putting some coconut milk in my tea, which worked out really well!  One of these days, I would love to make some whipped cream from coconut milk, but all of my attempts have kind of sucked.  They always come out too watery, so I just give up and use it as a creamer.  If any of you guys have any suggestions as to how to make good whipped cream from coconut milk– they would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, for the tea, I used ginger, and I put in a little bit of stevia, too, because everyone needs a little sweetness in their lives ;).

Coconut Cream Tea


1 cup of tea (your choice :))

1/3 cup of coconut milk (from the can! Not that watered down coconut milk in the carton!!)

a couple drops of stevia (or you can use honey, sugar, agave… etc)

I loved this, and I plan on using it for coffee, too 🙂

I’m almost done packing for college– just need to get some supplies from the store and I’ll be ready to go!  My energy’s coming back today, since for the past few weeks, my sinuses were just dragging me down.  I’m so glad that the antibiotics are working for me!  I’ve been so bored these past few days, and so eagered to move in!  It’s like everything’s moving in slow motion!  Of course, once school officially starts, I’ll be begging for summer break again haha!  I’m virtually done packing all of my (clean) clothes and I just need to do the laundry and pack the rest!  Maybe before school starts, I can go shopping for a new top or something!

How do you take your coffee and/or tea?

I love my coffee with a bit of creamer (non-dairy, of course lol)


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