Saldra El Sol

Tips for Learning a New Language

on August 2, 2012

Besides baking and running and cooking and stuff like that, I adore learning new things– one of those being learning new languages.  For the past four years, I’ve been working on learning Spanish, and although it’s not perfect, I’ve taken great strides in truly understanding.  However, I often hear people giving up due to the difficulty.  When I was first learning, it took forever to understand– everything went right over my head, and still, I have trouble comprehending.  However, rather than just learning the language in the class, I tried to immerse myself in it.  Especially since I had the priviledge of going to Nicaragua this past March.  I wanted to really understand the language so I wouldn’t be totally confused in the middle of a foreign country.  So, to help others, I would like to put down what I did to help understanding a new language– because, for me, it’s a lot easier to read and write it than to actually hear and understand.

1.  Watch News and TV in that Language

Typically, they talk very fast in that particular language during the news– in my opinion anyway, and it’s a great way to understand the culture as well.

2. Practice, practice, practice

I know you’ve probably heard this before, but practice really does make perfect!  If you get the chance, travel to another country, learn the culture, learn the language, and you’ll probably make new friends, as well!

3. Immerse yourself

By immersing yourself, you’re just doing what your parents did to get you to learn English.  Read books in that language, talk to your classmates (if you’re taking a class) in that language, and change some of your settings on your computer to be in that language (such as your Facebook or Twitter).

4. Music

Music is a great way to learn a language– it helps you to listen without feeling like a chore.  Plus, you can learn a lot of new bands and artists that you never would’ve thought to listen to before!

Here’s the song that inspired the title to my blog actually:

And here’s the translation:

If you can think of any other tips, add them to the comments! 🙂

And here’s the verse of the day:

1 John 2:28: And now, little children, abide in Him, so that when He appears we may have confidence and not shrink from Him in shame at His coming.

Have a great day!


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