Saldra El Sol


on July 29, 2012

Hi! This is my new blog!  Obviously, the name is Saldra El Sol which means that the sun will come out in spanish :).  I adore this saying and I think it really describes my outlook on life.  I always try to be positive and look forward to something– whether it’s college or just a fun trip to the mall or something.  For the most part, this will be a blog focusing on enjoying life through good health, a positive outlook, and spiritual inspiration.

This past May, I graduated from high school, and now, in just a couple of weeks, I’m heading off to college.  Thankfully, it’s only about an hour and fifteen minutes away, and I’m so lucky to have a job on campus.  My school is small, and it’s very community orientated, so I’ll also be posting about some of the various fun activities that we do.   There’s also a nature preserve really close so I can go run and enjoy nature.

Right now, though, I’m living at home, cleaning and cooking.  I was raised by a single mother since my parents got divorced when I was very young.  However, I still see my dad a lot, and I’ve gained a lot of admiration for my mom.  We also live with two mutts– Pearl and Puddin.  They’re sweet and loving but really hyperactive haha.  I have four brothers– one of which I’ve never met.  Three are older and one younger.  Currently, only my younger brother lives with us.

I’m the odd one out in the family.  I eat a mostly vegan diet with the addition of honey and some sustainable seafood.  I think that everyone should eat what makes them feel good, and that no one fits a perfect mold.  God made us all unique and different, and therefore, we shouldn’t try to be someone we’re not.  I really hope you enjoy my blog, and if you have any questions just email me at:

El sol saldra 🙂


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